To carry through your projects of efficiency studies ...

Techniques and evaluation methods know-how, partnerships and a competency network to satisfy your innovation and expertise needs.

The innovation and development of cosmetology evaluation techniques and methods, as well as their implementation require a pragmatic knowledge of them and a large field of competencies.Orion Concept’s expertise relies on a acquired experience and a network of professionals and experts in various fields.

  • Marketing interface / efficiency studies.
  • Results presentations (illustrations, iconographies, animations...).
  • Scientific communication - publications – Press conferences.
  • Help for the choice of methods, for a new product/concept evaluation.
  • Partial or whole efficiency or applied research study management.
  • Innovative and expert analysis of raw data (photographs, fringe-projection acquisitions, cutaneous ultrasound imaging, Confocal Microscopy Vivo, OCT, etc...).